Copyright debate: What does fair use mean ?

For a blogger out to make name / money / success from blogging, there is nothing more important than having good content, making sure that this continuing ability to get good content is available, and this content is as exclusive as possible. That last point is where one trips up, since copying content from somebody else and using it as your own is a pretty simple activity. If you want to stop somebody from doing this, there is a certain amount of effort that is required.
And in some cases, you get people who have taken a small excerpt from your content, and point to the remaining content on your own blog. Now, there is a topic called fair use that is bandied around pretty easily on the internet without people really knowing the boundaries, as well as the cases where fair use has not been deemed right.
So, let’s start with a fairly common sense definition (and since I am not a lawyer, you should take anything said in this article as common sense, not legal advice). Fair use is meant for the case when somebody wants to use your work to do a review, praise or criticize. That is allowed and perfectly legal, but what is not allowed is to copy the main few concepts from your content and use that under the guise of fair use. When somebody uses a small section of your content, they are actually using your content to create new content, not creating a copy of your content.
To get more ideas, refer to the linked article (link to article) that explains the various concepts under fair use, as well as what would be considered right or wrong. You will get to understand more about what typically weighs in the minds of those who have to take a decision as to whether something is fair use or now.
In most cases, an important first step, if you want to use somebody’s else concept for fair use is to ask for permission and / or review the license under which the content is posted.

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