Prevent plagiarism: Add a legal warning to the blog

For the past few posts, I have been trying to identify some measures that can be taken to try and prevent ongoing plagiarism of a blog. In short, the workflow of plagiarism and the steps that need to be taken are: 1. Detect whether your blog has been copied. You can do this by: – […]

Copyright debate: What does fair use mean ?

For a blogger out to make name / money / success from blogging, there is nothing more important than having good content, making sure that this continuing ability to get good content is available, and this content is as exclusive as possible. That last point is where one trips up, since copying content from somebody […]

State your copyright policy cleanly on your blog – Use CreativeCommons.org

So, you are now starting getting aware of the grave problem where people steal content available on the internet, and display it on their own sites as their own content, without a credit link or any other way to demonstrate that it is in fact your own content. Of course, they did not ask you […]

You find a site that copies your site, and want to take legal action

Advisory: I am not a lawyer, and don’t pretend to be one. If you need to take any sort of legal action, then you should consult your lawyer, and go by the lawyer’s opinion.

The previous post mentioned the whole process of trying to stop your content from being copied. You detect that you […]