What to do when somebody steals your post ?

There are some blogs that I host, where people can talk about health; including offering tips and advice. This is valuable stuff, and I was looking forward to it getting better indexed in Google, and more widely available to people. This would drive more visitors, and is part of the overall plan to make more money from your blogging.
Then you find a site that seems to have content similar to yours. You look closely, and it is in fact exactly the same content. You get mad, but are unsure of what to do. After all, this is somebody who is free-loading off you, and while you do the effort to add new content, this person just takes your content (and most content remains legally copyrighted unless you explicity sign your rights away). The idea is not to get mad, but to get even. When this happened to me, I started exploring ideas of what to do in order to ensure that this copying of content does not happen. What some of these people who content do is that they add a link back to your site after putting all the content on the site, and then claim that they are giving your credit. This is not permissible, I would be okay if they were to copy a few lines and then claim that the rest of the content is available on the linked site; not okay to copy the whole content.
Here is a summary of the steps that I could find that seemed logical, after doing a scan of the internet for solutions (these are in order in terms of escalation):
– Use tools such as Copyscape to find people who copy your content. This may take a bit of effort, but is worth it
– Contact the owner of the site that is copying your content (could be admin@site name, or if there is a section for comments or an eamil link, use that). This works for a majority of the cases
– If you can’t find contact details, do a Whois check to find the contacts for the site; you can get their contact details and send them your message
– Find out who is the hosting infrastructure provider and contact them
– If you are still not getting a response, send off details to the advertisers that this site is actually in copyright violation
– Post details about how your post has been copied, in the hope that getting their name called out publicly would get them to stop and desist
– Various search engines have pages for reporting abuse, do this for the major search engines
– Contact the relevant authorities and report this copyright violation
By now, you should have seen some action, else you will need to start taking legal action

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