Running into problems with hosting service – 1

I run a number of WordPress blogs and some other applications, and am hosted on Hostmonster for all these items. A few days back, I ran into a major problem where I found that suddenly my blogs and other photo galleries, etc, all had been replaced with a standard Hostmonster message that the account had been suspended for some time due to causing a risk to the performance of the servers. This is one area that a person needs to be really careful about, since these are servers where a number of different user accounts run at the same time, and the host cannot allow one member to have bad processes running that would affect the server or the performance of other users.
However, this was something that was scary to me – if the blogs shut down, then so goes the chance of using these blogs to develop money to the extent that I could stop from my current job. So I went to the Live Customer Support, and asked them about my problem. Hostmonster (and most other hosting services) do not offer free technical help in resolving problems, but I did get some transcipts from the logs that helped me to solve some of the problems. What was happening was that some processes in a WordPress Blog that I host about Consumer Rights in India (link) were over-loading the server and causing Hostmonster to stop my account. To get my account back in line, I was supposed to make things better, and then could apply for getting my account back in operation.
I am out of touch technically with getting into the internals of WordPress, and so was initially confused about what to do to solve this problem – however, I needed to get my account enabled again, else that would be the end of my blogging career (I can’t run all the accounts on Blogspot only, need to have some WordPress Blogs). From the logs that I got from Customer Service, it soon became clear that this had somehting to do with the Comments section of the WordPress Blog. This Blog of mine receives well over 1000 spam comments every day, and I have very rarely gone in and deleted these spam comments explicitly – WordPress gets rid of them every month or so.
Now that I had some top level indicators of what I needed to do, and what the exact problem could be, I needed to drill down deep, search for solutions, and get my account and my blogs re-activated. The steps I took are outlined in the next post (due shortly).

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