Getting more people to write on your blog

An important part of blogging is about having more content, fresh content for your blog. This is an important part of having regular content on your blog. You may feel that your content is enough, and that people are hanging onto every word that you write. Further, you are not sure about why should you let somebody else write onto your blog, what happens if the quality of writing is not good enough to match your blog, or you may feel that you have built up your blog with a lot of hard work, and why should you give that up ?
Well, all those reasons are valid to some extent, but there are several advantages of having people write on your blog. I invite readers to specify reasons if they can, but in any case, here are some reasons from my side on this subject:
1. You get to post different viewpoints. So, if you run a political or current affairs site, then other people also posting on your site may present an opinion that is different from yours. This attracts an increasing number of people to your site, many of whom can start discussions. All this is of great benefit to your site.
2. Somebody who writes on your site may also have a good chance of inviting a few more people to view what they have written, thus increasing the number of viewers.
3. A simple answer: More people means more content, this making your site more attractive to search engines, as well as other sites are more likely to link to your site.
4. You develop a circle of writers, many of whom may turn out to be good friends later 🙂
5. Somebody who writes on your site may also want to link your site to his / her own site, thus increasing the chances of you generating a higher page rank.
6. Your site may attract writers who have a much better command of the language and fluency in communication, improving the overall quality of your site.

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