How to create a static page for your WordPress blog ?

The default view for a WordPress Blog is a page where you have multiple columns (depending on the theme you have selected, whether it is a 2 column or 3 column theme, or the more rare 4 column theme), and you have a list of posts, with the most recent post being at the top and so on. As you write posts, your previous posts recede to lower down the page, and eventually vanish off the first page. One byproduct of this is that you can customize the page in many ways, but you cannot modify the main content of the page.
However, there is no such thing as Never. It is very much possible in WordPress to have a desired front page, and this page replaces the default posts page. This gives you the flexibility to add your own text, your own design, your own graphics, and so on to the page. The only difference in this case is that your posts page is one level away now.
So how do you do this – consider a WordPress Blog such as http://info-about-cancer.com. Log into the Admin section of the blog, go to the Pages section and create 2 pages. One of these pages will be the default Home Page and the other is a page that will host the posts. You need to name the pages appropriately. Leave the posts page blank, and for the other page, add the content and design and so as you would like for the front page (you can name this page as ‘Home Page’) and then Publish the 2 pages.
Now, go to the Settings -> Reading section, and view the available options. Select the default option in the ‘Front Page Displays’ section to be ‘A static page’. For the Front Page, select the option to be the newly created Front Page and the other to be the Recent Posts page. And you are all set.

How to change the Front Page inside WordPress

Caution: In some themes, the option is set to show all the created pages, and include one ‘Home’ page as well. With the above changes, the Home is actually the Front Page, and you would end up with 2 entries that lead to the same location. It is preferable to edit the code for the page display so that the entry for Home gets removed.

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