Adding Amazon as an affiliate: Beneficial

If you have a blog that focuses on stuff such as gadgets, books, electronics, movies, music, in fact any stuff that is also sold on Amazon, then you should explore the option of signing onto the Amazon affiliate program. Amazon sells literally anything, and is a trusted site that sells a huge amount of stuff.
Now, this is good for someone who is patient, and is able to wait for the time that it takes to start earning good revenue from such a program. Further, there is a lot of criticism about the program that it only pays out 4% commission (initially, since if you take the performance plan, then a lot of people jump to earning 6% or more). In real terms, this means that if you sell stuff such as cameras or movies worth $1000 from your site, you will earn $40. Now this may not seem like a lot (and in fact the commission rate is pretty small), but it all adds up if your visitors are high.
What are some of the compelling points of being a member of the Amazon affiliate program ?
– Amazon sells almost anything, so if a visitor from your site comes to Amazon and buys anything in the next 24 hours, then you earn the commission from there
– Amazon is a huge brand, and is fairly trusted, so people would be willing to buy stuff from there
– Amazon provides a number of different options to add to affiliate programs, such as direct product clicks, your own custom store, context specific items targetted to your visitors, banners, favorites, and so on
– Amazon affiliate program is useful where you are not able to find a relevant ad to show for your book / movie / gadget / other item post, and are still hoping to make money
And there are other reasons, but these are the most useful ones for me. Go ahead, try the program (link).

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