WordPress plugin: Shoutbox – Instant chat on your blog

You have a WordPress Blog and are looking for something cool to implement on your site. Everybody has a clock, or a ticker, or an arrangement of lights, and they don’t even look good anymore. You need something that is different and useful at the same time, so you start looking around. Then you spot a blog having a cool vertical rectangular box to one side that seems to be a chat client. Voila, that is something that should work well for you; instant chat in which people will be able to have some conversation that is real time. The advantage to you ? Sticky users who are there for some time, and who, if they get interested, will be there for quite some time.
Here is a sample of the plugin, called Shoutbox, to the right side of the page on the Travel Blog (link) of a friend of mine.

The Shoutbox chat client on a blog

Signup Page (link)

The chat client fits very well on a page, is not flashy, and yet catches people who would interested to see a conversation flowing on the page. In addition, you can get a smaller Flash interface that shows you just the latest comment.

There is also a paid version of the chat client, and here is a comparison of features of the free version against the paid version (link). This plugin is not only for WordPress, but you can install it on any web page.

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