Plugins and Themes compatible with WordPress v 2.6

Wheneve a new WordPress version comes out, there is always the angst over where the currently used plugins and themes are indeed compatible with the deployed version of WordPress. If the themes and plugins are not compatible, it normally has a bad effect on the blog – the theme or plugin may not work, may work in a limited way, or may work wrongly. In the case of a theme that does not work properly, the viewer may not see the page as you intended, or may end up not seeing the page at all.
With the responsibility of setting up a blog, comes the responsibility of making sure that all the components that are being used are compatible, and so on. Fortunately, WordPress.org has a list of plugins and themes that are compatible with the WordPress version 2.6

Plugins compatible with Version 2.6 of WordPress (link)

Themes compatible with Version 2.6 of WordPress (link)

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