Kontactr.com – A good contact form that avoids spam

When you have a blog, it is very important that you be able to communicate with your readers. To get readers more involved in what you are writing, it is essential that they feel that they know who you are, and they can simply write to you.
However, if by this, you are thinking of putting your email address on a blog, then think again. Suppose, in all gullibility, you put your address, xyz@abc.com on a blog, then you should be aware that there is a very high chance that you email id will be picked up an email harvester script and sold to a spam mail collector. This is one of the ways in which spam mail senders find email addresses, and you would be well advised to not get into this route.
So, if you can’t put your email id on a blog, how do you go about giving people a chance to get in touch with you? The easiest way is to leave a contact form on your site on which people can write their comments or other message to you. How do you prepare such a contact form for you blog ? Fortunately, there are many alternatives, and one of them is this service called Kontactr.com
From the site (link)
Kontactr is a free one-click contact form service that allows you to create your own free contact form so that people can contact you without knowing your email address.
Once you register and login to your account, you’ll see your very own Kontactr link. You can post it anywhere instead of posting your email address.
Can i have the form on my website ? Yes you can do it with our Embed widgets. We provide two types of embed widgets – Plain HTML widget and AJAXified widget.

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