Google Adsense Preview tool

You must have heard the admonition a few times by now; don’t click on ads on your own site. Don’t do it, period. You are pitting your own cleverness / stupidity against a company for whom preventing click fraud is the highest priority. However, there are times when you see an Ad on a site that seems very interesting, and you would want to click on such an Ad. As an example, suppose I am viewing this very Blog, and I see an Ad for ‘Hot Adsense Tips’, there is a good chance that I would want to click on this ad to see whether there are any new techniques that I am missing.
However, given the admonition about clicking on Ads in one’s own blogs, I am left helpless. However, google has an option that would help in such a situation. There is a tool called the ‘Adsense Preview Tool’ that allows you to view the ads and click on them without being penalized.
What is the Google Adsense Preview Tool ? (link)
The Google AdSense preview tool is an addition to the right-click menu for Windows Internet Explorer 6.x, allowing you to preview the ads that may show on any webpage. With just a few clicks, you can see what ads may appear on your new webpages, or make an educated decision on whether to add AdSense to your existing site pages.
Preview tool Home (link)
Limitation: Currently, the preview tool is only available for Windows versions of Internet Explorer version 6.x.

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