Blogger: Creating a post via email

Sometimes, you would wish for having the ability to create new Blogger posts through email. After all, it may be inconvenient in some offices to launch a browser window to create a new post, or it may not be even allowed to do so. Additionally, it is far more convenient to be able to create a new post just by filling in a simple text email content and sending it to your blog for posting; it saves a number of steps related to launching the Blogger platform and then actually creating a post, and then publishing it.
Here’s the Google Help Page that explains this in some detail (link). There is a small amount of configuration involved, as well as some secrecy.
In Settings -> Email you can create a Mail-to-Blogger address which you will use to send posts via email to your blog.

Posting to Blogger via email

You need to keep the second half of this email address secret, else others will be able to also post to the same location. Another tweak you can do there is to decide whether you want the posts to be published automatically, or you would prefer the post to be placed in draft status, and it needs to be published later manually.
Once you have saved your Settings, you can send email to your blog. The subjects of your email letters will be the titles of your posts, and the body of the emails will be the posts themselves. To include an image in your post, you can attach an image to you your email.
However, there is one shortcoming, since you would not be able to create tags through this approach. You would need to go to the Blogger platform and from there, do the actual addition of tags for the post.

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