Backing up your Blogger blog

You have spent a large amount of time on your blog at Blogger, it is the love of your life with the amount of effort that you spend on it; or, it is a good source of money where you earn a decent amount of money from the blog. For a number of successful people, the number of blog entries could be in the hundreds or thousands. It’s not just the entries however, it is also the comments from readers that makes your blog more popular and adds a fair amount of value.
With such an infrastructure in place, your blog is very valuable to you. And you have set it such that every post you make to your blog sends an update to an email address that you set. However, this is not enough. This post does not make it easy to create your blog again in case of any mishap, nor does it contain the comments that are the heart and soul of any blog.
However, there are solutions available in the shape of software tools that allow you to make a complete backup of your Blogger / Blogspot blog. Here is one tool that has improved a lot over the years and works fairly well now. It’s a free tool called Blogger Backup and can be downloaded from this location (link). From the site:
The Blogger Backup utility is intended to be a simple utility to backup to local disk your Blogger posts.
Using the GData C# Library, the utility will walk backward in time, from your latest post to your last, saving each post to a local Atom/XML file.
For starting out, login to the tool with the account you use for getting into Blogger, and select one of the blogs that you want to archive locally. You can either save all your blog posts to one file or let the software create new file per blog entry. An added advantage is the ability to also store reader comments.
Getting Blog posts back to your Blogger location (in case you have accidentally deleted the post from Blogger) is a simple operation using the Restore Posts button.

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