Adding more authors to your Blogger blog

Suppose you have a blog on Blogger / Blogspot, and have been working steadily on it. It is the passion of your life, and you enjoy writing on it. Then you meet somebody who feels exactly the same way on the same subject, and you would also want to give that person the opportunity to write on your blog. How do you do that ?
Another case is when a group of you (people sharing a hobby / close friends / people in the same work area / any other such collection) want to write jointly. Ideally, given that Blogger is free, it makes an ideal platform for people to write a blog on their desired subject.
However, the main question is how can you add multiple authors to a Blog on Blogger ? This is actually a very easy thing to do, with the Blogger platform allowing multiple people to write on the same blog. Let us take an example, there is a blog on Books called Enjoy Books. Here, there are multiple authors. How does one do this ?
Log into your Blogger Account, go to Settings, then go to to permissions. From this place, you can Add Authors by inviting them, and if they accept the invitation, then they will be an author for the blog. And then when they log into Blogger, they can see this Blog in their list of blogs and write for this blog.
Adding an author like this does not give them them Admin rights to the blog, so they can write and modify their own content, but cannot modify other posts or change other settings. They need to be granted Admin rights explicitly.

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