Resizing your photos – Webresizer

The web demands richness, and having images in posts and on pages is one way to ensure that the content is rich and attractive to users. However, for those users who are not good at using desktop imaging tools, the very thought of putting images into a page elicits the fear of alignment problems, about […]

Plugins and Themes compatible with WordPress 2.7

As WordPress comes out with new versions, people who have an installation of WordPress start wondering whether the plugins and themes they are actually compatible with the version to which they are upgrading. If these are not compatible, then the experience which their visitors would get is likely to be non-optimized, and for site owners […]

Allowing other people to publish on your WordPress Blog

The last post talked about granting people the rights to write on your blog when you are writing on the Blogger platform. However, if you are using a hosted WordPress installation, then the previous post did not apply. In this post, I will explain how to grant rights if you are running a blog that […]

Adding more authors to your Blogger blog

Suppose you have a blog on Blogger / Blogspot, and have been working steadily on it. It is the passion of your life, and you enjoy writing on it. Then you meet somebody who feels exactly the same way on the same subject, and you would also want to give that person the opportunity to […]