Some Helpful Videos for Adsense Users

Many times, just reading the tips and process for using Adsense does not help. There is still doubts, and even just viewing the screenshots does not help. What a publisher who is new to Adsense would want is to have either somebody helping the publisher in the process of implementing Adsense, or if direct support is not available, then to have a demo / video of many of the common steps involved in using Adsense. Thankfully, Youtube is a great location to have many videos where the many steps, optimization techniques, etc, are all displayed on a video.
The Adsense Inside team has also published several videos about Adsense techniques on Youtube, such as how to implement Adsense for Search, Success stories, Generating Adsense Code, Adsense Ad Manager, etc. Here are some of these videos:

Google’s Adsense tips to success:

Generating Adsense code through your Adsense account:

Adsense for Search (including using Custom Search):

Managing Ads through your Adsense account:

User experience of CleverMedia with Adsense:

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