Optimizing for Adsense for Search

If you have reading about having Adsense for Search implemented on your site, you would know by now that having Adsense for Search on your site lets you provide your users with a search facility that can be customized for your site, while making sure that your users get all the facilities of a comprehensive Google Search. In addition, if they click on any Ads shown in the search results, then you get to make money from such a search. Like many other Adsense features, you would also want to optimize the Adsense for Search feature, and Google has provided a list of tips on their own site:
Here are the tips from the site in brief; go the link above and read the tips in detail (and you get a lot more info as you move around the site)

– Place your search boxes in visible locations.
– Add two search boxes to content-rich pages
– Host your search results on your own site.
– Add a search box to your search results pages.
– Customize your ad locations.

A part of having the customized search option is about having Vertical search. For more details, refer below:

What is vertical search?
You can use AdSense for search to create a vertical search, where you can allow your users to search across multiple sites – this could be a network of sites that you own or other related sites that you think your users might find useful. If you write book reviews on your blog, for example, you can use vertical search to specify a list of online bookstores for users to search through. Other examples of vertical searches include computer forums, travel blogs, or political sites you endorse.

To set this up, simply follow these instructions:

Sign in to your AdSense account.
Select the AdSense Setup tab.
Choose AdSense for search as the product.
Choose the Only sites I select radio button for where you want users to search.
In the “Selected sites” box, enter the list of sites you’d like to search across.
Follow the steps to generate your search engine as usual.

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