How to add / upload an image to a WordPress Blog

In the previous post, I had described how to add an image to a blog hosted on Google’s Blogger platform. However, there are a number of people who prefer to have their own domain names and also host the domain names on their own (by that, I don’t mean that they own the server, I instead mean that they sign to any of the good commercially available hosting service, and host their blog on that; see this post for a list of the better hosting services).
Wordpress gives a way to directly upload a photo when creating a post, but last I used it, I found it a bit unwieldy, and now I use a somewhat better way to do post. Other posts recommend the use of some free sites that allow posting of images, me, I use Google for this purpose. Let me review the steps from the previous post with a few modifications, and you will understand how do this:

—-Copied from the previous post from this point——
Let me take an example, consider the case of a photoblog such as http://snapsfun.blogspot.com/ (a collection of unedited photos with some description and a photography tip that is related to the photo).
Now I want to add a new photo to the blog in the form of an new post. So what should I do next ?
1. I find the location of the photo (either on my local machine or on a URL located somewhere on the web)
2. I go to create a new post, and there click on the photo button

Location of Photo Upload button on Blogger in the new post dialog

3. Clicking the button launches a new screen where I can either select the location of the photo or enter a URL for the photo (in case the photo is available elsewhere on the internet)

Photo of the dialog used to select an image to upload

Image in the process of being uploaded through Blogger

When the upload is in progress, and not yet completed

Image uploaded via the Blogger image uploading interface

The upload is complete

4. Once this dialog comes, click on ‘Done’ and go back to your post. The image will have been uploaded and will be at the top position of the post. Add some ‘Alt’ text to the image (for better search purposes), and move the image to the desired location. Congrats, you are all set.
5. This image is also available at the following location (also owned by Google): http://picasaweb.google.com; login in with the same user ID and password that you use to log onto Blogger.

———-copying ends——-

This was applicable if you were doing a post to Blogger. But you are using WordPress, so how do you do this ? Well, the key is, once the image is added to a Blogger post, it automatically gets added to Picasaweb, and is available for you to use elsewhere. So, you need to do something very simple. Create a Google account by going to Blogger.com and creating a new account with a blog. This will be your shell for the purpose of image hosting. Next, there are 2 ways to proceed:

1. Either you can get the location of the image from your picasaweb account (after step 5), and directly use the Image URL from there
2. You can copy the entire Image code (from the HTML tab of the Blogger post window) just before step 5, and add this code to your WordPress post. It will fetch the required image from Picasaweb, and do the job for you.

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