How to add an image to a blog on Blogger ?

Adding an appropriate image to a blog can make a lot of different to the contents of a blog. There is an old saying, ‘A picture can speak a thousand words’, and it is literally true in the world of blogs. Think of the many cases:
– If you are trying to setup a photoblog on Blogger makes it necessary that you know how to upload a photo to Blogger
– You have a general blog about your travels; being able to add photos of the different locations makes the blog content seem richer
– You have a blog about some technical matter, then being able to add a flow digram or a chart or some other image is essential
– There are many other cases where you would need to add a photo to the blog, so let’s get started with the process
Google’s Blogger service has made it extremely easy to add a photo to your photo. The ability to do is right there in the blog itself, in a button that seems to have a small landscape as part of the picture. Let me take an example, consider the case of a photoblog such as http://snapsfun.blogspot.com/ (a collection of unedited photos with some description and a photography tip that is related to the photo).
Now I want to add a new photo to the blog in the form of an new post. So what should I do next ?
– I find the location of the photo (either on my local machine or on a URL located somewhere on the web)
– I go to create a new post, and there click on the photo button

Location of Photo Upload button on Blogger in the new post dialog

– Clicking the button launches a new screen where I can either select the location of the photo or enter a URL for the photo (in case the photo is available elsewhere on the internet)

Photo of the dialog used to select an image to upload

Image in the process of being uploaded through Blogger

When the upload is in progress, and not yet completed

Image uploaded via the Blogger image uploading interface

The upload is complete

Once this dialog comes, click on ‘Done’ and go back to your post. The image will have been uploaded and will be at the top position of the post. Add some ‘Alt’ text to the image (for better search purposes), and move the image to the desired location. Congrats, you are all set.
This image is also available at the following location (also owned by Google): http://picasaweb.google.com; login in with the same user ID and password that you use to log onto Blogger.

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