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If you are using Google’s Adsense Program on your blogs, then there are times you may be having questions. You may be curious to know what is the best way of using Adsense to make more money, you may not have got your first check and are wanting to contact someone in Google about when you will get the money, you may have a specific query about the Program Policies and may want some confirmation from Google on it, and so on. There can be a huge number of queries that you may want information from Google on. What do you do, how do you contact Google ?
Google makes it pretty clear on their help forum that they will only answer queries that are specific; the rationale being that with the huge amount of Adsense users, there are very high chances that a query that is asking for some general information would have already been asked by somebody else and is available in either their forums, or on some blog somewhere, so the expectation that they want to build is that a person should do some homework before asking Google.
Which are the location that information about Adsense will be available?
1. The World Wide web. Just do a search for the query you have, and there is a good chance that this information will be available in a post made by someone already.
2. The Google Adsense Blog. This blog (link) is titled ‘Inside Adsense’ and it provides a lot of information on Adsense, including tweaks, secrets, and so on.
3. Adsense Help Forums. The Google Adsense Help Forums (link) are very active, and there is a good chance that either your query would have been answered in the past, or if you post a new query, there may be multiple responses to your query.
4. Adsense has a Help Center (link). You get a huge amount of information on this site, with some of the heads for starting this quest for information being:
– AdSense Basics
– Adsense for Content, Search, Feeds, Video, Units, etc
– Information about your Adsense account
– Information about earnings and reports
– Information about payments from the program
– Many other heads
5. Adsense also has a place where you can actually post your own problem, and if they feel that your request has not been already answered for other people in the forums or elsewhwere, you may get a mail from somebody from Adsense Support. The link for this location is (Contacting Adsense Support).

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