Finding Blogs that link to your blog

Part of the currency of the internet is the concept of linking. The mighty Google PageRank is a very high indicator of the popularity of your blog, and also an indicator of how easily you can find it using Google Search (if your blog comes often in the first page of Google Search, then you can consider yourself to have achieved a major milestone, something that will drive a huge amount of traffic to your blog). Now, from the time that PageRank was a concept in the minds of the founders of Google, it is used as a very important factor in the popularity of your blog. The higher the page rank of your site, the better it is for you.
One of the most important constituent of PageRank is the concept of Page Linking. The more the number of people who link to your blog, the better it is for you with the following caveats;
1. If the people who link to you have a higher PageRank, even better. If you get a link from a site that has a PageRank of more than 5 (and your PageRank is much lower, then you should expect a boost in some time in your own PageRank).
2. If you get people linking to you who are not exactly desirable (people running Warez sites, porn sites, gambling sites, etc), then do not gloat. Links from such sites can be treated negatively, or at the most, treated as without any value.
3. Getting links from link farms is being seen as much more negative and detrimental to placement in search engines, so you should actively reconsider such steps if you are planning to do so.
Now that some broad rules for the linking of other sites to your sites is known, how do you find out other sites that link to your site ? There are 2 common online sites that will help you do this:
1. http://www.google.com – Suppose you are running a site for photography tips such as http://5phototips.com/, then just type the following in the Google search box: link:http://5phototips.com/. This search will find all the blogs that link to your blog
2. Technorati Search. Technorati is a very famous portal that fetches information about blogs. If you want to find out all the blogs that link to your blog, then go to the following page, Advanced Search on Technorati, and go to the URL seach option in the middle of the displayed page. Type in the Blog URL without the http://, so, as in the previous example, type in 5phototips.com and click on Search.
There are other tools that help you find blogs that link to your site, but I have found both of them to be the most useful, hence decided to write this post with these 2.

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