Defensio: An alternative to Akismet

Akismet is the current default anti-spam plugin on WordPress. It works by filtering comments already posted on the blog, and then decides on the basis of its algorithms whether the comment is spam or not. It is supposed to be continually updated so that new tactics by spam spinners are caught and the plugin continues to block such spam. This is different from the case of plugins which are captcha based where the user has to look at the random word that is generated, and then enter the same word. The idea is that only a live user will be able to make out the word and enter it, spam scripts cannot make out the word and hence the comment will not be posted.
There are a number of people who do not believe in captcha based defenses, either because these are eventually overcome by spam creators, or because they add an additional layer of difficulty for people who wish to add comments, something that blog writers want to avoid. So, a lot of people use Akismet on their wordpress blog, but many of such people are not satisfied. Akisment many times generates false positives (that is, it flags a genuine comment as spam) or is not fast enough to prevent some of the newer spam techniques from working. Enter an Akismet alternative, Defensio (link)
From the site:
1. Is Defensio better than Akisment?
We can’t make any promises (sorry), but our early testing suggests that Defensio’s performance is very, very good. As with any adaptive filter, it will only improve with time. You may need to give it a few days before it really kicks into gear, but quite quickly you should see a significant reduction in the flow of comment spam to your blog.
2. Why do I need to create an account with Defensio?
In order for our plug-in to work with your blog, we need to generate for you a unique API key. This requires some personal information (namely your blog and email address), and thus the requirement to create an account and sign-up for the service. All personal data will be kept strictly confidential, as described in our Privacy Policy.
As you post articles to your blog and your readers’ comments flow in, Defensio adapts to your content and habits in a personalized way. This means that no two bloggers will see Defensio react in precisely the same way, even for similar comments, which is a good thing — because one person’s ham might be another person’s spam. And our continuously evolving set of algorithmic tricks ensures that we’ll never let spammers gain the upper hand.
Reviews of Defensio:
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