Adsense success stories as well as the virtue of patience

When you are struggling along with viewership and click rates not being upto the level you expect, it can be very frustrating. You criticize Google for not getting your pages into the search results to a level where the traffic to your site increases manifold, where the Adsene revenue that you get means that you have a nice alternative to whatever you are currently making, and at some point will be enough that you can leave your current job and jump into the world of blogging full scale.
Well, you would love to do all that, but it has been many days / weeks / months now, but the jump is not happening at the speed at which you want it, and you are losing your patience. Well, there are several things that you can do at this point of time without giving up:
– Have patience. To build up a committed viewership, as well as to advance higher into the Google search results takes time and effort. Unless you are writing on a niche area that has high user interest, there would be many others who are doing the same thing. You need to keep at it, writing high quality stuff that will bring more readers.
– Look for optimizations that you can do with your site. There are many improvements that are possible for existing websites dealing with layout, templates, colors, etc. Make sure that you search for optimization tips for these areas and implement such tips
– Look for Adsense optimization. There are a huge number of resources available through Google Search that provide tips for Adsense optimization. You might find that some simple tweaks can make a huge amount of change to your click ratio.

And of course, you should read the Adsense page for people who have become successful and are sharing their tips and techniques on what to do to become successful with Adsense (link for article). Some of the successful publishers are:
– Hometips
– Univision
– Teachnology.com
– AutomotiveForums.com
– Apartmentratings.com
– Swapalease.com
– TestMagic.com
– PVRBlog.com
– Medical-Coding.net
– SeatGuru.com

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