Adsense payment information

So you have signed up for an Adsense account, and have got your address verified from the Google Adsense program, and Google can now give you money for your ads. You must be eagerly awaiting your first income from the Google Adsense program, but are not clear as to what you must do in order to receive the money, as well as what format you get the money in. Further, the time period which the Adsense program considers for calculating the amount of money due, and the monthly (or some other period) payment cycle is something that you should read a bit more about.
Well, Google explains these issues very well, both on the Adsense account page, as well as on the Help.

Once you Log in, click on the ‘My Account’ tab, and you will be able to find more information relevant to you.

With regard to the help pages, these links should provide a lot of help:
Payment Guide page Help link. . From this page –
5 Steps to getting paid
1. Check your address
2. Provide your tax information
3. Select your form of payment
4. Enter your PIN and phone verification number
5. Generate $100 in earnings

The page also explains how to track your earnings, as well as how to calculate as to when you will get your payment.
Payment arrives: The time it takes for your payment to arrive depends on form of payment you have selected.
– Standard delivery checks: generally arrive within 1-2 weeks of the mailing date in the U.S.; outside of the U.S. typically arrive in 2-3 weeks.
– Secure Delivery checks: generally arrive in 5-7 days.
– EFT payments: should arrive in your bank account within 2-4 days.
– Western Union Quick Cash payments: available for pick-up at a local agent the following day

You can also Hold your payments. You may not want to receive payments only when you have made $100, or do not need money right now, or are shifting your address and do not desire to receive the payment during the inbetween period. You can do that after logging in to your Adsense account -> My Account -> Account Settings -> Payment Holding

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