Paid Hosting: Shared vs. dedicated servers

A majority of the people who go in for setting up their own hosting accounts go in for shared hosting, where there are a large number of people sharing the same server (typically on a Linux machine). Shared / virtual hosting packages are the default web hosting accounts for beginners and intermediate web site owners […]

Defensio: An alternative to Akismet

Akismet is the current default anti-spam plugin on WordPress. It works by filtering comments already posted on the blog, and then decides on the basis of its algorithms whether the comment is spam or not. It is supposed to be continually updated so that new tactics by spam spinners are caught and the plugin continues […]

An anti-spam plugin for WordPress: Peter’s Custom anti-spam plugin

Comment spam is one of the biggest nuisances that blog writers can face. You write an article about something you like, your blog starts getting more comments, and are over-joyed to find that there are a large number of comments on your posts. You review these comments, only to find to your disgust that these […]

Yahoo’s Site Explorer

Google is the most popular search engine right now, and it is the biggest target for folks wanting to get their blogs / sites up on the online net and have more people visit their site. One of the biggest factors for making a site or a blog successful is if you can get your […]