Using Preview feature on WordPress – essential before posting

A blog post, no matter what the subject, appeals if the presentation is good. What this means is that the content should be easy to read, properly formatted (with division into paragraphs, line breaks, etc), photographs / images should not be moving out of the space where they are supposed to fit. Sometimes, people do not even notice that their post ends up looking awkward, not easy to read. Even if your post is supposed to be a ‘new world don’t care’ type of post / blog, you should spend a couple of minutes more to make sure that the post works out well.
How do you do this ? Well, on a WordPress blog, there is a feature called preview; it is visible in the form of a ‘Preview this Post’ type of button found on the same location where you are typing your posts. Let us take the example of this very post; the circled area on the image below shows where the button is located

Preview this Post button inside the WordPress blog

What happens when you click on the ‘Preview this Post’ button ? The post will launch in a new browser window where you can see the post as it will appear to your readers. This is a temporary page, not the final post, so do not get confused that this is final (it will seem so, since the actual page template will be used).
Once you get this preview open, you should review the page to make sure that the text flows well, images appear properly, spelling and grammatical errors are removed. It just takes a couple of more minutes, but goes a long way to make sure that embarrassing mistakes get reduced to a significant degree.

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