Prevent others from causing you damage (by copying your Adsense and posting it in an appropriate location)

When you have placed Adsense code in your Blog, you get Ads. That must be pretty clear to anyone who has used Adsense functionality to get Ads from Google. However, not too many are concerned about or realize that when your Blog is viewed by anybody, they can simply do a view Source in their Browser and pick up your Adsense code. Should you be worried if people copy your Adsense code ? After all, if they for any reason use the same code in their own sites, the money from these Ads comes to your account; so what’s the harm ?
Well, you would not like to think that anybody could do you harm, but it is possible to cause harm to you this way. Suppose your Blog starts becoming more popular, and an increasing number of people start visiting your blog. That would be good for you, right ? But for somebody who is trying to create a blog on the same subject, or for somebody whose people are switching to your blog, it would make sense to cause trouble to you. And what better way that trying to use Google’s strict Program Policies against you.
What can they do ? They can copy the same blog onto another site, and then click the ads repeatedly, or put this on another site that is strictly prohibited by Google from subscribing to the Adsense program. When Google will find this, they are liable to take action against your account. Far-fetched ? Yes ! But not if your site is becoming popular.
How do you prevent such a thing from happening ? You should refer to Google’s help page on this subject (link). Exact steps are as follows:
– Log in to your account at https://www.google.com/adsense.
– Click the AdSense Setup tab.
– From the links below the tab, choose Allowed Sites.
– Select the option to Only allow certain sites to show ads for my account.
– The resulting page will display the URLs currently included in the Allowed Sites list for your account. – – If this is the first time you’ve used the list, the text box will be empty.
– In the box, enter sites or URLs that you’d like to allow to display your AdSense ad code.
– Click Save Changes to add these sites to your Allowed Sites list.

Sites or URLs that are not on the Allowed Sites list will not report clicks or impressions and you will not receive earnings from them, so please be sure to keep your list up to date. So, the ad will appear, but they will not report any earnings, and hence you are safe.

This may take some initial effort, but it is better to be safe than sorry; you should not have to wonder later as to why Google suddenly banished you from the Adsense program.

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