Don’t get taken in by the ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme

This post can seem a bit disappointing for those of you who regard the internet as a fast money scheme; I know people who were looking to make money from the internet through the blogging platform. They did some search, and what did they find ? They found many people selling How-To’s – How to become an instant millionaire, how to retire as a millionaire from the internet, how to make so much money through tips and techniques that were learnt from long practise and which the author is willing to sell for ‘not $400’, ‘not $199’, but the great price of $49 for today only.
Once a friend got attracted to such searches, and decided that he was going to become a millionaire from these techniques, that an investment of $49 is a price he was willing to pay to get untold riches from the technique that he was going to get. I tried some counselling, using phrases such as ‘a sucker born every minute’, ‘if the author is making so much money, why would he want to sell his secrets like this’, ‘such easy and magical promises are usually false’, and so on. And for the first time I learnt what the phrase about your words falling on a deaf ear meant.
He paid, downloaded with much hope, and asked me to read the literature (i had after all been slogging on a blog for much time). After a few pages, it was all I could do to stop myself from laughing, the text was all about explaining what Adsense, Adwords, Bidding for ads, etc meant. This was the very same thing that I was trying to explain, and that too for free.
Hence, please remember that if something looks too good to be true, it is basically a sucker-trap. There are no sure-fire quick ways to make money on the internet in a legal way; you have to learn how to make your blog popular, get readers interested in what you have to say, and be patient.

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