Adding external RSS feed to your blog on Blogger.com

You have done a lot of hard work in getting your blog up and running, and keep on posting fresh and interesting content, hoping to attract readers. In addition to doing this through your own content, you can also add good rich content from great sites without looking that you have copied the stuff. And how can a person do this ?
Well, you do it using something called a RSS field. How does that work ? When you put somebody else’s RSS field on your site, what you are actually doing is getting access to their content (whether this is partial or full content is dependent on the settings managed by the content owner). You also ensure that new and updated conent is available on your own machine. So how do you do that ? Well, here is a simple process for doing that.

1. Find the RSS feed for the site you are trying to get onto your own site. So, for example, if you want to get the RSS feed from a site called http://www.create-kitchen-garden.blogspot.com/, then you need to need the RSS URL for this site, available at http://www.create-kitchen-garden.blogspot.com/rss.xml. Once you know how to get the RSS field of another site (you can just go and click on the RSS logo on a site, and that will give you the URL you should use)

2. Log into your Blogger account and click on the Layout link for the blog for which you want to do this.

3. You will reach this page with a view of the various gadgets already installed

Blogger Page Elements

4. Next, click on the Add a Gadget link, and you will get the option of adding a Gadget to your Blogger blog

Adding a Gadget to Blogger

5. Configure the feed for Blogger by adding the desired URL, and once you position the feed in a good location, you are done.

Configure feed for Blogger

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