Adding an external RSS feed to your WordPress blog

A few posts back, I covered being able to fetch content from another blog in the form of a RSS feed for blogs hosted on Google’s blogger. Now, many people have WordPress blogs, and a similar post should help those people who do not know how to do this for their WordPress blogs. How do you do this ?
Well, I will show this with an example. Look at this blog on software development (link)

Fetching RSS feed from external blogs in WordPress

The section in yellow is content that I am fetching from 2 different external blogs. This feed shows up as links in the sidebar, and helps when I want to fetch content that I think will fit in well with my users and will be appreciated.
Let me also show you how to get the required links for getting the RSS feed.

The first blog from which I am fetching content is called http://validateverify.com/, and is about testing. When you go to this blog, you will see a section to the right that is called ‘Subscribe’, and there you will see text that says ‘Subscribe in a reader’ as well as the RSS symbol. Both of these have a link in the form of http://feeds.feedburner.com/validateverify. You need to copy this link.

The second blog from which I am fetching content is called Joel on Software (link). Here the link for RSS is somewhat understated, and is present in a line of text going something like this ‘We also have one of those RSS thingamajiggies.’. Anyhow, from here, the RSS link is http://www.joelonsoftware.com/rss.xml

Now you have both the RSS links that you need. Next you need to go inside your WordPress Admin, and head to the Widgets tab. Here all your widgets are stored, and there are RSS widgets here as well (the image below is from an earlier version of WordPress, but the basic functionality will be pretty similar between the earlier version and the current version).

RSS widgets among other widgets in a WordPress blog

These are widgets that have already been added. Let me expand one of these widgets and you can what I have done.

Setting the RSS content URL inside the RSS widget in WordPress

It is that simple. You add the RSS content URL that you copied a couple of steps earlier, give a title for the RSS widget, and presto, you are done. Save the widget and the settings, view the end product, and tweak the position a bit (by dragging the widget up and down, you can change the position in the sidebar).

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