Using Preview feature on WordPress – essential before posting

A blog post, no matter what the subject, appeals if the presentation is good. What this means is that the content should be easy to read, properly formatted (with division into paragraphs, line breaks, etc), photographs / images should not be moving out of the space where they are supposed to fit. Sometimes, people do […]

Comment spam on WordPress – Use Akismet

When I started using WordPress as my blogging platform (first buying a domain, then using one of these hosting services (link to article), and installing WordPress on it), I used to think that getting the right template on the blog, and then getting some good quality content on the blog was all that was required. […]

What are WordPress Widgets, and why do they concern you ?

Originally developed by Automattic for the WordPress blogging software, Widgets are WordPress Plugins or add-ons to your WordPress blog sidebar. Starting from WordPress version 2.2, they are automatically supported and no longer need to have a separate plugin installed and activated, as was required for WordPress installations before Version 2.2. So how can these ‘Widgets’ […]

Prevent others from causing you damage (by copying your Adsense and posting it in an appropriate location)

When you have placed Adsense code in your Blog, you get Ads. That must be pretty clear to anyone who has used Adsense functionality to get Ads from Google. However, not too many are concerned about or realize that when your Blog is viewed by anybody, they can simply do a view Source in their […]