How to measure the PageRank (PR) of your site

If you read the previous post, you would have realized (in case you did not know already) that PageRank is important for the success of your site. The higher the PageRank, the better the chance that your site will have more visitors. Now, in case you wanted to know how to find the PageRank of your site, it is fairly easy and there are multiple ways of finding the exact PageRank of your site.

1. Using the Google Toolbar: Download the toolbar from http://toolbar.google.com/, and then enable PageRank in the toolbar. Once the toolbar with PageRank enabled is running in your browser, the green Pagerank meter will report your (or any other) site’s Pagerank.
Google PageRank

However, the toolbar needs to be installed, so if you don’t want to use the toolbar, then you can use these sites instead:
2. top25web.com: Check upto 10 sites at a time
3. Findpagerank.com
4. www.google-pagerank.net: Offers tools to let you create a widget for showing PageRank on your own site
5. Rankwhere.com
6. Linkvendor.com
7. freelance-help.com
8. iwebtool.com

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