Google Adsense Link Units – Surprisingly useful

Most people using Adsense are aware of the traditional advertising blocks, with ads being in the shape of blocks, banners, or skyscrapers. Most people ignore the advantages of another advertising unit called the link unit. A link unit is slightly different from the traditional ad block, with either a straight line of small words, or a small (very small) block containing some snippets of text (1-3 words normally). You would ask, as to what would be the use of such small ads ? Link units fit very nicely in places where the space available is limited, and prove to be surprisingly effective in terms of generating revenue. They are an option that everybody wanting to use Adsense for making money should use. Some of the available link units are available near the bottom of this page (link). Read more about Link Units here.
If you want ad units that adapt to your site and your readers’ interests, consider link units. Each link unit displays a list of topics relevant to the content of your site, and when users click on one of these topics, they’re brought to a page of AdWords ads related to that topic. Though you won’t receive earnings for clicks on the topics, you’ll be paid for user clicks on any of the AdWords ads on the resulting page.
Link units are particularly effective for more focused content, where visitors tend to be seeking specific information. Their varied formats are space-efficient, too, so we recommend incorporating link units into new and unusual locations throughout your site. Remember that three link units per page can be placed in addition to the existing three standard AdSense ad units on that page.

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