Google Adsense Help Page

Adsense is a pretty successful program; after all, all you need to do is to sign up for an account, put a few filters and conditions, get the Ad code, and put it in your blog / site / forum, and you are good to go. For the rest, Adsense will supply you with a code that gives relevant image / text ads, or gives you a nice Google search box, and presto, you are on your way to making money. It is that simple, after all. But reality is never that simple. Like any other way of making money, there is a simple trouble-free way, or there is a way that you put in effort, read more, and make much more money. Did that get you interested ? If so, then read on.
There are many many articles / paid programs / books that teach you how to optimize Adsense to make money, but even before doing that, you should be reading the content available on the Google Adsense site. There is a large amount of information available over there about what are the various options available as a part of the Google Adsense program; for example, many sites do not even have a link unit of Adsense on them even though they have the other ads. Now, Link Units can be real useful where you don’t have enough space, and yet a need an Ad to fit in beautifully.
Besides, some of the information that you get on the Google Adsense Help page is about how to create channels for better targeting of advertisers, what type of ad formats fit in a blog / forum and at what location, what colors to use depending on the page colors, good placement of the ads in a page, how to optimize Google Search, and something that most of you would have never heard about (section targeting – where you tell the Google Adsense program to look at a specific section of your site’s content for generating more relevant and money-making ads).
So where is this Help for the Google Adsense ? Well, it is located at this link.

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