Generating sitemaps for submitting to Google

If you want Google to properly index your site, and to make it more likely that Google will pick up all your posts to show on their search, then it is recommended that you use Google sitemaps (refer the previous article). This article tries to explain how to do this for blogs that are running on either the Blogger.com platform, or are using their own WordPress installation.
There will be 2 parts to this article:
1) How to get to the site where you need to submit the Sitemap
2) How do you generate a sitemap that you can submit

How to generate a sitemap ?
A) If you run a site on Blogger.com, say for example this site, then the simplest sitemap that will work for the Google Webmaster sitemap is to add a rss.xml to the URL, so that you will get http://cancer-read.blogspot.com/rss.xml
B) If you are using WordPress, then it would be better to use this plugin, Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator for WordPress (available at). You need to upload this plugin to your wp-content/plugins/ directory and activate the plugin from your Plugins page. After that you will have a new menu point called “Sitemap” under the “Options” menu, and will need to rebuild once.

Once you have generated a sitemap, you need to submit it to Google through the following method:
1. Upload your Sitemap to your site in the highest level directory you want search engines to crawl, generally the root. If you list URLs in your Sitemap that are at a higher level than your Sitemap location, Google will be unable to include those URLs as part of the Sitemap submission. (this entire point is not valid for Blogger.com accounts)
2. Sign into Google Webmaster Tools with your Google Account.
3. Add your site to your account.
4. Click Add a Sitemap next to the site for which you want to add a Sitemap.
5. Choose General Web Sitemap.
6. Type the URL to your Sitemap location in the provided field. Make sure you include the entire URL, such as http://www.example.com/sitemap.xml.
7. Click Add Web Sitemap.

Once you have done this, then your sitemap would be submitted. Login around a day later and check to see that there are no errors, and if none, you are all set.

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