Documentation / Help when getting started with WordPress

You wanted to publish a blog. Great. After some thought about whether to use a free platform such as Blogger.com or WordPress.com (or many others), you decided to go with the current best if you want to have your own platform; that is, you decided to use WordPress hosted on a separate hosting server (at least in your own space), and you also went up and bought a domain and bought some hosting space (you can do both of these with a single web host – refer a previous article on this subject).
Now you have installed WordPress on this hosted space, and voila, you have your own blog to use. Now, you start having questions on topics such as themes, plugins, user rights, feeds, etc. Well, the best place to start with (and this is actually useful) is to go to the documentation for WordPress on this link. I have many times referred to this documentation when I needed help on something related to WordPress, and most of the times, I have found that the text here is easily understandable.
The top level index for this documentation deals with the following topics (and you can get into detail for each one of these)
– Getting started
– Working with WordPress
– Design and Layout
– Advanced Topics
– Troubleshooting
– Developer Documentation

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