Adsense Channels – Use them to track performance

For people using Adsense to make money, the concept of Adsense through search, through content ads, and link units are easy enough to grasp. There are far fewer people who use channels as a strategy to measure the performance of pages and ad units. Channels are a very useful mechanism that any serious web site owner who employs Adsense on his / her site should be using. If you want to learn more, here’s the Google Adsense page on Channels.
From the page:
Channels enable you to view detailed reporting about the performance of specific pages and ad units. By assigning a channel to a combination of pages or ad units, you could track the performance of a leaderboard versus a banner, or compare your motorcycle pages to your automobile pages. You can even create a channel to track each of your separate domains, so you can see where your clicks are coming from. While channels can be used to track performance and revenue, they won’t have any effect on your earnings or ad targeting.
There are two types of channels from which to choose: URL channels, and custom channels.
Use URL Channels to track your performance without modifying your ad code. By entering a full or partial URL, you can begin tracking the performance of particular pages in your site. You can enter a top-level domain name to track all of the pages on that domain, or you can enter a partial URL to track all of the pages below a certain directory. URL channels are only available for AdSense for content pages.
Custom channels allow you to track the performance of specific ad units based on your specified criteria. By pasting channel-specific ad code into your pages, you can track a variety of metrics across a range of URLs. Use custom channels to track the performance of different ad formats, for example, or to compare different page topics to one another. You can also turn any custom channel into an ad placement on which advertisers can choose to place their ads.

More: Many AdSense publishers have dramatically improved their results by making simple changes. It’s common for publishers to report significant increases in revenue from changing factors like ad formats, color palettes, and placement – increases you can track with channels.
Channels offer a deeper level of analysis than that provided by overall revenue reports. They allow you to break down reporting to monitor the performance of sites, sections of sites, or even individual ad units. Any time a channel is created, AdSense will record impressions, CTR, CPM, and earnings statistics for that specific page or ad unit. This provides you with a precise method of evaluating which sites and which locations will enable you to realize your maximum earning potential.

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