Adding Video Ads to Adsense

Adsense in the past has typically meant having some lines of text that form the ad, or colorful images as part of the ad. For a lot of people, these have become so meaningless or routine that they ignore these ads and move ahead. Now, this is something that I am sure that you would not want, after all, if you are putting ads on your platform (blog / site), you would want more people to view the ads, and click on them if they are useful to the viewers; this is the only way that you can make money from Adsense.
Maybe it is time to add a difference to your ads; research has found that the concept of motion draws the human eye, and having a video ad can be a good way to get the viewers back to your ads. How do you add video ads to your site ? Well, this is very much possible through Adsense now, ever since Adsense added the possibility of adding video ads to your collection of advertisements.
So, how do you add video ads ? Well, you cannot add video ads as a direct option. From the site:
As with text and image ads, we can’t make any guarantees about the amount you’ll earn from video ads. However, displaying video ads along with text and image ads on your site should lead to greater potential revenue for you. When you increase the pool of advertisers whose ads are eligible to display on your site, you’ll increase competition for your ad space and drive your earnings up.
In order to display video ads on your site, please ensure that you’re using one of these supported formats and that you are opted in to image ads for that ad unit.
Video ads are currently available in several ad formats:
* 336 x 280 (Large Rectangle)
* 300 x 250 (Medium Rectangle)
* 250 x 250 (Square)
* 200 x 200 (Small Square)
* 728 x 90 (Leaderboard)
* 120 x 600 (Skyscraper)
* 160 x 600 (Wide Skyscraper)
This list of ad formats is kept updated on this page (link)

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