Adding Video Ads to Adsense

Adsense in the past has typically meant having some lines of text that form the ad, or colorful images as part of the ad. For a lot of people, these have become so meaningless or routine that they ignore these ads and move ahead. Now, this is something that I am sure that you would […]

Adding pictures to WordPress

This post courtesy Nandan (Blog)

I have this travel website which is powered by WordPress 2.5 and occasionally I get queries around adding a picture to a post. So I thought that I would write a small primer which may be helpful for a wider community.

1. Collect all your photos in one single folder […]

Using WordPress as a Content Management System – External Article

When creating a website, most people do not consider WordPress (or other blogging platforms) to be of use other than as a blogging platform. Blogging is still considered as a niche activity, not suitable for larger sites, or general purpose commercial sites. However, if the newer WordPress installations are considered, they are very close to […]

Google Adsense Link Units – Surprisingly useful

Most people using Adsense are aware of the traditional advertising blocks, with ads being in the shape of blocks, banners, or skyscrapers. Most people ignore the advantages of another advertising unit called the link unit. A link unit is slightly different from the traditional ad block, with either a straight line of small words, or […]