Why do you need a good web host ?

Another subject that is critical for running a great blog. If you have decided that your blog needs to run on its own domain, and not a free site such as blogger.com or wordpress.com, and if you have decided to use WordPress (using WordPress rather than another application such as Movable Type, or using a site such as Blogger.com is a separate thread to be covered in another post), then you need to find a good web server that can will host your domain and your WordPress application. So why is getting a great web host critical to the success of your blogging efforts ? After all, it is just a simple matter of getting a place that hosts your blog, and is able to serve it to anybody who requests it; why not just go for the cheapest such service and save some money as well ?
If you are thinking this way, then you are wrong ! Plain and simple wrong ! If you go in for cheap, and not for quality, it can have an actual effect on the success of your blogging endeavors ! What are some of the points that you should look for when you go in for a web host ?

1. The uptime offered by the host should be as high as possible, typically 99.9%. Only a host with multiple fast connections can offer that kind of uptime. If your website is down when a person is trying to access the content, then they will just move on. Further, there are many hosted and Web 2.0 applications now that depend on the server being always on such as the case of Software As A Service applications.
2. A high level of security that comes from a commitment. Patches should be installed ASAP, firewall protection, and actual physical protection for the servers.
3. Protection against mishaps. Hosts need to ensure that your servers are setup with RAID protection, and quick replacement of affected hardware in case of failure. Further, daily site backups and a robust backup strategy are essential.
4. Spam filtering to prevent your sites from getting attacked and affected by mass spammers.
5. Availability of installed applications. Nowadays, web hosts offer a variety of installed applications in the area of Content Management Systems (CMS), Blogging platforms, Email systems, Shopping Carts, Discussion Forums, and so on. The installation of these are through a very simple process with almost no pain.
6. Access through FTP. Being able to push your data and content through FTP to the server is very easy through a user-friendly FTP system.

Here is a listing of the top web hosts in the industry, who offer relatively cheap along with excellent service:

IX Web Hosting

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