Selecting sites to search while using Adsense for Search

In using Adsense for Search, if you have a network of blogs, you would not want users to move away from your site. Adsense for Search would have the option of behaving like a normal Google search, showing the same results as a search on Google.com. However, this has been recently changed and the Adsense for Search allows you to specify a list of sites that will be picked up in the search (and will thus not be a regular Google search).
Google allows the following customizations in terms of selecting the URL’s that will be part of the search:
Depending on how you enter the URLs of your sites, AdSense for search will allow users to search different content, as described below.
* Individual pages: Entering www.mysite.com/mypage.html will include only the mypage.html page on www.mysite.com.
* Entire sites: Entering www.mysite.com/* will include all the pages on www.mysite.com.
* Parts of sites: You can use wildcard patterns to include just certain parts of a site. For example, www.mysite.com/*about* will include only files on www.mysite.com that have the word ‘about’ in their name.
* Entire domains: You can also specify an entire domain using *.mydomain.com. If you specify mydomain.com, we will automatically convert this to *.mydomain.com/*. If this is not what you want, you can change it back in space provided.

Adsense for Search

This is overall a great feature that allows you customization of the Adsense for Search program. In the next article, we will see how we can actually host the results of the search on the pages of our own web site.

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