Google blocking your site

Most people have found over a period of time that Google Search drives a large amount of traffic to your sites. If you take an estimate for the number of people visiting sites outside of large corporate or media sites, you would find that Google generates more than 50% of the visits to your site. Now think: Have you ever seen in searches a small line of text below a search result (“This site may be harmful to your computer”). Google does not allow a person to go through to the site easily (you have to copy the link and put it in the address bar of the browser). This is potentially suicidal for the success of the site since your traffic may drop significantly.
When this happens and you find your own site behaving in this manner, you need to find out what is going wrong. You need to click on the search result link, and you will get to a warning page where you will find a small report on the problem, and a section at the bottom for people who may be the owners of the affected page. There will be a link in this section, and you can use that link to get to a diagnostic page. Once there, look at the problem in more detail. It will also tell you that more details are available at the Google Webmasters Tools page. In order to find more details about the kind of problems typically indicated, use these 2 pages for more details:
1. Google Help Page on Malware
2. StopBadWare.org’s tips for cleaning and securing your website
(You get a lot of details on what kind of phishing, malware, bad ads, and other such problems that could get your site in problems. You also learn more about the review process that could help in getting the Google warning lifted)

There are three basic steps to maintaining a clean site:
1. Identifying badware on your site
2. Removing badware from your site
3. Preventing badware in the future
Once you are at #2, you can request a review.

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