Free hosting vs. paid hosting

Consider this; you are just starting to create your own website, a place to host your own content, the place of your dreams. You have thought through all that you want to create, and are ready to go. However, now you are stuck with the logistics of where to create your own website. You would really not want to spend a large amount of money, while at the same having a good hosting experience and a set of tools that will help you easily host your content.
You have a choice now; you could either use a free web hosting experience, or you could go in for a paid site. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Advantages of free hosting:
1. It’s free; this literally needs no explanation
2. Helps when you are new to the web and would like to experiment with the medium
3. The hosting companies provide easy tools to upload content onto the site

Disadvantages of free hosting:
1. Many of these free hosting companies make money through ad banners – so when somebody comes to your site, they will see ads and popups
2. The revenue from these ads goes to the hosting company, and not to you
3. For many of these free hosting companies, you may get a domain name that is actually a sub-domain, that has the name of the hosting company as part of the name
4. The space provided may seem large initially, but this is actually limited space
5. If you are looking to appear professional, then it is better to host your own domain
6. Paid hosting gives you access to many different softwares such as blogging software, Content Management Software, Forums, Emails, Database Access, Shopping Carts, and so on
7. You get much better support if you are using paid hosting
8. Search engine rankings can be sometimes poorer if you are using free hosting
9. You may get limitations in terms of restriction on bandwidth – so if your site becomes very popular, visitors may find themselves unable to access the site

A) For a list of free hosting, refer to this list:
A listing
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B) A list of recommended paid hosts:
IX Web Hosting

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