Avoiding getting a warning from Google Search

As the previous post stated, if you get your blog or site appearing on Google Search with a warning below it stating that this site could harm your computer, all the effort that you may have put in to make your blog popular will go down the train. Your traffic levels will reduce significantly, and this kind of slump will be difficult to overcome. How do you find out whether your site has gone into Google’s security doghouse ? Well, checking your Google Webmaster Tools page listing is one useful step, and the other step that you can take is to visit the FAQ page at the StopBadWare site, as well as check out whether your page is listed.

1. You need to visit the Page Checking tool at this link http://www.stopbadware.org/home/reportsearch

2. Review the FAQ located at this page and make sure that you read all the steps and warnings carefully.
Some extracts from the page:
When people search for my site on Google, the search engine result instead links to a Google webpage that says there might be badware on my site. What does this mean?
Google has placed warnings in its search results for websites that its testing has determined to host or distribute badware. If a Google user searches for a site that Google has determined to be potentially dangerous, they will see a warning in the search results.
Currently, many sites that are the subject of Google’s warnings have been the victims of a malicious hacking attack, in which code linking directly to badware through exploits was inserted onto an otherwise innocent, but poorly secured, website. In other cases, a website with no intention to distribute badware hosts content (such as ads or hit counters) provided by a third party, and can inadvertently distribute badware through that content. If you are confused about why your site has a Google warning, then there are strong odds that your site has experienced one of the above situations.

3. If you feel that your page is safe and meets all the conditions listed in the FAQ, ask for a review at this link, http://www.stopbadware.org/home/reviewinfo

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