Adsense success stories

So now you have started using Adsense on your blogs, have located it in some strategic locations, and are waiting for the money to pour in; you should be ready to wait for some time. Even if you use a lot of measures to make your blog popular, it still takes time for a blog to increase in viewership and value, and equally, it takes time for Adsense revenue to go up. Patience is the key.
Maybe it will help to see success stories in this area; see people who are making a comfortable amount of money from the Adsense running on their blogs / sites. How can you read these success stories ? Well, you can go to this link and read the success stories, and not all of them are corporations; there are people who wanted to pursue their passion, and this helped them gain a wide readership as well as advertising money.
So there are people who wrote about getting good plane seats, there are others who run forums for technical help, people who sell goods online, and so on. Read these stories, and see what you can learn from them.

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