Posting Adsense code below post title in Blogger

I had 2 previous posts where referenced articles showed how to place adsense code in different positions between blogger posts, such as below the title; to the right of a post; between posts, and so on. This was done by modifying the HTML characters of the adsense code (escaping them) and placing the code between specific positions of the template.
This was one way of doing this. Another way is to do what woork has done (link to article), and place the actual adsense code in a specific position in the template. The difference being that he has modified the code of the template to make this change (this seems to be a cleaner method). One benefit of this method appears to be that it seems possible to add a conditional statement that will allow showing the ad only in the single post view, and not in the main page. Here is an excerpt from the article:

So, I have changed AdSense code position above this line, adding an if statement (on bold) to show sponsored links only into the single post, not when an user visits my home page, or browse categories (over 96% of my actual clicks cames from internal pages).
In this way, AdSense is more visible and in just two day I have improved the number of clicks and my CTR for the most visited pages. If you use Blogger platform for your blog, I suggest to try it.

This seems like a very neat and useful way to optimize the placement of the Adsense code.

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