Placement targeting & custom channels as part of Adsense

Adsense constantly seeks to innovate and try and devise new measures about how to make sure that the business of both placing ads and generating money from them works well for both publishers and advertisers. Towards this end, the Google Adsense program has in the past let advertisers bid specifically for sites which they feel have value for them (so if you are running a niche site and are getting a number of dedicated viewers, there is a good chance that you will advertisers who will want to place advertisements on your site). You can optimise this further through the use of custom channels. I will provide links to both these topics below.
The changes that Adsense (article) has introduced is that it will allow advertisers to now specifically bid on ad units or groups of pages. Further, advertisers can now also opt for this bidding on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis rather than only a cost-per-impression (CPM) basis.
– Some details on ad placement (based on this article): Custom channels are a great way to track the performance of individual ad units on your pages. Creating ad placements for more visible and desirable ad locations on your site increases their value to advertisers using site targeting and encourages those advertisers to bid more. To create an ad placement, you create and implement a custom channel just as you normally would. The only change is the additional step of providing attributes and an accurate description for your ad placement. On the ‘Channels’ page in your account, click the appropriate ‘edit settings’ link on the right. As you can see below, there will be a box labeled ‘Targeting’ on the next page which, once checked, will show this channel to advertisers as an ad placement.

Further, this page explains how exactly ad placement works (link to article):
An ad placement is a specific group of ad units on which an advertiser can choose to place their ads using placement targeting. Ad placements can be as broad as an entire website or as specific as a single ad unit. Placements are made visible to advertisers in two ways:
Placements automatically created by our system. Each publisher website in the AdSense network is automatically made available to advertisers as a placement where they can target their ads.
Placements defined by publishers. You have the ability to define your own ad placements using your custom channels. You choose how to group together specific ad units on your website that you wish to make available for advertisers to target.

If your blog is starting to generate a large number if views, then it would make sense for you to read all you can about custom channels (this article can only provide pointers) and ad placement to see how you can optimize what you can.

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