Getting Third Party Ads in Adsense

It’s only recently that the Google Adsense program has started accepting third party Ads for display in publishers ads. Here are the answers to some queries regarding this (and remember, the best place to search for answers regarding third party ads is in the official site).

1. Does Google Adsense Accept Third Party Ads ?
Yes. The Google content network accepts display ads from qualified third party vendors.
Many large, top-brand advertisers use third parties to create and manage their display ad campaigns. By accepting ads from these third parties, we can help advertisers deliver more advertising on the Google content network. As a result, you can benefit from these high quality (and potentially higher-paying) ads.

2. How to enable third party ads ?
If you’ve already enabled image ads on your site, you’re automatically eligible to receive third-party ads.

3. Which are the vendors supported for 3rd party ads ?
The official list is maintained at this stie (link)
North America: Ad servers
* DoubleClick DFA (www.doubleclick.com)
* Mediaplex (www.mediaplex.com)
North America: Rich media
* DoubleClick Rich Media (www.doubleclick.com)
* Eyeblaster (www.eyeblaster.com)
* EyeWonder (www.eyewonder.com)
* Interpolls (www.interpolls.com)
* Pointroll (www.pointroll.com)
* Unicast (www.unicast.com)
North America: Research
* Dynamic Logic/Safecount (www.safecount.net)
* Factor TG (www.factortg.com)
* IAG (www.iagr.com)
* InsightExpress (www.insightexpress.com)
All vendors must complete a certification process. At its sole discretion, Google reserves the right to change this vendor list at any time.

4. Will these ads seem different from normal Google Ads ?
Third-party ads won’t include the ‘Ads by Google’ text, and will open in a new browser window. However, because all third-party ads must abide by Google’s image ad and content policies, you likely won’t notice any differences at all.

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