Feeds – What are the benefits to publishers ?

In the previous article (link), I gave some reasons as to why the concept of RSS / feed is something that is very convenient for users, and why it makes sense to provide such feeds from the user point of view. At the same time, providing a feed means that users could potentially bypass visiting your blog by just reading the feed (especially if the feed provides the complete text of the article), so what is the benefit to you, the publisher by providing this facility ?
Well, there are a number of benefits that the publisher can get by providing feeds to readers:
1. As mentioned in the previous article, the provision of feeds is very convenient to users, and thus, if your site does not have a feed, that is a big turn-off for a number of readers and a disincentive for them to become regular readers
2. If a person is interested in your posts and reads them through feeds, there is a big chance that specific posts may get forwarded to friends, thus providing more chances for non-regular readers to visit your sites
3. A feed quickly gets your posts to readers, providing a fast medium of delivery to users
4. Replaces email and newsletters to alert users of updates, new content, and other topical information like press releases and events
5. Provide a great sense of satisfaction and ego-boost, so if you have a large number of users, you know that people like reading your posts (and that you may be doing something right)
6. Provides a means of syndicating content from your site to another. So another site may put a RSS Reader on its site that is actually just fetching content from your site
7. Provide fresh and topical information to users, which encourages their return
8. Feeds allow you to do specific promotions: So you may want to promote some sites or programs that you don’t want to do on your blog, and the feed generation technique allows you to do this
9. Feed audiences are typically more committed and assertive than people who are finding your blog through search engines – hence they are more likely to be the ones who provide comments on your site and indulge in the discussions that tend to bring more people to your sites
10. Now, you can actually monetize your feeds. There are a number of techniques such as the FeedBurner Ad Network that allow you to monetize your feeds.

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