FeedBurner – A useful site for publishers

So, after realizing the benefit of publishing a feed (getting quality content to readers, and hopefully making them as committed readers), the next step was to actually get a feed in place. If necessary, use a external tool for this purpose.
So, what was the option ? Well, for publishers who have their blogs (or other such content) on either Google’s Blogger or using the popular WordPress application, then both these blogging platforms have their own inherent feed systems built in place;

The New Blogger has a simple feed system of just adding an Rss.xml to the end of the Blog URL, so if you have a Blog dedicated to your favorite books such as http://enjoy-books.blogspot.com/, then it just requires the addition of a rss.xml at the end, and you get http://enjoy-books.blogspot.com/rss.xml that is now a URL to the feed from the blog.

On the other hand, if you have a WordPress system set up on your own publisher system (distinct from having your blog on the WordPress.com link), then there are a number of possible choices that you can have for getting the feed (refer this link). So, for example, if you have your own site setup for movies and books, namely, http://www.classicmoviesandbooks.com/, then you need to add a feed link to this blog URL, and you get http://www.classicmoviesandbooks.com/feed/.

Now you need to go to FeedBurner.com (link), and there just give the feed URL in the big text box in the center of the page. FeedBurner will recognize the feed (and help you in creating an account if you don’t have one), and then you can get a URL that is your FeedBurner feed URL. Once this is created, you should investigate further. FeedBurner gives you several tracking options, as well as a link to embed an image file with your feed (with the almost universal symbol for feed Image for Feed). And voila, you now have a feed that also provides you options to track and monitor your feed.

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